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Here are just a select few of our testimonials from schools and teachers:


“A* Education is my 1st choice teaching agency, providing top quality staff, I would definitely recommend them to any other school”

Marilyn Cottle- Buckler’s Mead School, Yeovil.

"A* Education are education recruitment specialists that have provided an excellent, consistent and reliable service for our school for the past few years."

Tracy Mitchell- St Dunstans School, Glastonbury.

"I would happily recommend A* Education to anyone."

Liz Joynes- Stanchester School, Stoke-sub-Hamdon.


“I have worked for A* for a number of years. I have always been impressed by their warm, friendly and efficient approach. They communicate well and always make a point of checking on how things have gone when any new venture is being undertaken. The ways in which they provide feedback and express appreciation for my efforts in the classroom are particularly heartening.”

David Greenway

“A really friendly agency who listens to your requirements - lots of good quality local work and day-to-day supply. Excellent communication and support.”

Bev Bryant

“A friendly, well organised, efficient and supportive agency who have made finding supply work over a short period of time very straightforward and who will try their best to meet your needs.”

Jennifer Morton

“Earlier this year, I made the decision to start supply teaching. I had been teaching for about 17 years and had been at the same school for the previous 10 years.

I now have 3 of my own small children and was finding that the workload was not compatible with family life. I had started to feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed, like I had never done enough for work and yet was unable to enjoy time with my own children. My mental health was suffering and I was on a steep downward slope. I was able to end my contract at my school and contacted Adam after hearing that he had a well-established local supply agency with an excellent reputation (A* Education).

I have now been supply teaching for 4 months and I absolutely love it! I am usually in the same handful of schools, so I have built up a good rapport with staff and students and am familiar with the routines. I have had work every day I have wanted it and haven’t even needed an early morning call - I am booked up well in advance. On the rare occasion that I feel less comfortable in one school, I can just say that I don’t want to go back there. A* is such a great agency to be part of because it is small and local, so we feel looked after and listened to, rather than being just one more employee in a big company.

I was anxious about making such a big change in my career, but I have not regretted it at all. I don’t bring any work home and can enjoy evenings and weekends with my family. I don’t feel any dread about the week ahead and my stress levels are so low now. I get more praise and appreciation for my work than I ever got as a permanent teacher, which has given me back my self-confidence and belief that I am a great teacher.”

Ellie Cain

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